How we work with employers

Why should your business employ a person with a disability?

It works for your business:

• Helps to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity
• Your organisation reflects a positive social image
• Increases your community profile

It’s a fact that people with a disability:

• Are reliable with a low rate of absenteeism
• Are loyal
• Are highly motivated
• Have a strong work ethic
• Are as productive as able-bodied people

Why partner with Career Moves?           

We are dedicated to help our clients into meaningful and sustainable employment in the Waikato and Western Bay of Plenty.

We demonstrate this by providing our services free of charge and by introducing you to employees who are well-matched to your requirements and motivated to work with you.

We support you and our clients:

  • During the recruitment process (with defining your needs and translating them to a meaningful role for instance)
  • During onboarding by ensuring your workplace is adapted to suit your and our client’s needs
  • During employment to navigate HR challenges and disputes

Outside our regular support we can provide diversity training for your staff

We know that our employment solutions are creative and have positive results. Other employers have already experienced this. Contact us to explore the possibilities.