How we work with Employers

Career moves aims to work in partnership with our employers, in doing so we commit to bring you:

  • A well matched employee
  • A person that is motivated to work
  • Support through the recruitment process
  • Post employment support
  • We cover the Waikato the whole of the Waikato region
  • There are no fees for our service


Why Should your business employ a person with a disability?

It works for your business:

  • Helps to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity
  • Your organisation reflects a positive social image
  • It works for your customers
  • It extends your customer network
  • Customers see your culture in action


It’s a fact that people with a disability are:

  • Reliable with a low rate of absenteeism
  • Loyal
  • Highly motivated
  • Have a strong work Ethic
  • Are as productive as able bodied people


Looking for Staff?

We have clients right now that have a diverse range of skills, wanting full time and part time work.
Because we work very closely with our clients we truly understand their strengths and the skills they bring to the table.

Which means we get a better matched employee for you.

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