Career Moves Programmes

Supported Employment

We support people into employment who have a disability, a permanent injury, or face challenges in gaining employment by:

  • Planning to identify what you want to do
  • Matching you to the right employer.
  • Supporting you in your new job

A vital part of living the life you want is to have work that has purpose and allows you the freedom of choice of where and how you work.

Our goal is to give you that choice. We take great care to ensure that we have a great fit between employee and employer and that the outcome is beneficial to both parties.

Employment Placement Services

This programme is free when you are referred by a Work & Income case manager. We work with you on an individual basis to develop a career plan that transforms your aspirations and goals into an action plan.

Our 20 week programme will give you the skills to confidently go for the job you really want

We do this by:

  • A dedicated consultant
  • An individualised career plan
  • Developing a CV to promote you to employers
  • Interview preparation, coaching and support
  • Post-employment support
  • Regular one on one meetings
  • Ongoing support in your new job

Employment in School Services

The employment in schools programme is a programme targeting students who are in the last two years of secondary school and face barriers to employment due to disability or learning support needs including long term physical and mental health conditions and those who identify as neuro-diverse.

Career Moves has been selected to work with student’s as we have over twenty years’ experience in providing supported employment and have been contracted to work with schools, students and their families to help to plan and prepare the student for employment when they leave school.  This adds value to and builds on the support provided by the school and other providers by focusing specifically on employment and ‘a good life’.

The programme is intended to provide support for up to two years with the aim to have a seamless transition from school into fulltime employment.

Key features of the programme include:

  • No cost to the student or school
  • Individualised programme for each student
  • A PATH plan that will cover all of the aspects of the student’s life to identify goals and aspirations for them to live a good Life.
  • All meetings will be held in school
  • Being work ready
  • Practical workshops
  • To have an effective CV and Cover Letter format
  • Interview training
  • Work experience in the students’ chosen work
  • Support to have a job on leaving school

How do I join?
Talk to your teacher, teaching support, or careers advisor about our Employment in Schools Services. They will help you get in touch with us and walk you through the steps to join.