Our Team

Quartney Pretorius – Managing Director

Level 5 Health & Wellbeing – Supported Employment

Quartney joined the Career Moves Team in February 2021. She has a strong background in Business Relations, Conflict Resolution and Communications (in New Zealand and abroad).  

Quartney takes a personal approach to our services and aims to inspire and facilitate all individuals to not only overcome and manage their needs, but also to thrive in any situation they may be in. Quartney takes a creative approach to coaching, leading and business development. 

 Jay van der Most – Employment Consultant & EPS Service Leader

Jay joined Career Moves in May 2021. Originally from The Netherlands, Jay moved to New Zealand in 2008. With a work background in recruitment and HR in a wide variety of industries both in New Zealand, The Netherlands and the UK,  he enjoys making the match between jobseeker and employer. “Hire the attitude, teach the skill” is his motto.

In his spare time Jay teaches English as a Second Language and Dutch to native English speakers. 

Vicky Cooper  Supported Employment Service Leader

Vicky joined Career Moves in June 2021 and has always wanted to help people in any way she can. She has a background in Hospitality, working in various parts of the industry for 6 years. Whilst there she gained hands-on experience in developing and managing a hospitality business.

From this she went into caregiving and support work where she has worked for the last 5 years. Vicky has hands-on experience with people who have barriers to work, both professionally and in her personal life. She also has personal experience dealing with mental health issues and finds this an invaluable help with her assistance of clients. Vicky is also currently completing her level 5 health and wellbeing diploma in supported employment through Career Moves.


Natalie Wackrow – Schools Service Leader

Natalie joined Career Moves in June 2022 after working for 26 years in the finance sector where she held numerous management roles, gaining extensive experience in HR, Personal Development & Customer Service. 

She is passionate about helping others to become their best selves and looks forward to supporting her Career Moves clients to live their best life.

Janet Gunn – Employment Consultant

Janet has a broad experience in the sector and has worked with clients at Career Moves for over 16 years.
In 2010 she gained a Certificate in Employment Support and in 2008 she completed a BBS in Business Studies at Wintec. Her background in nursing and diabetes youth have enabled her to reach many people.

Janet enjoys working with all people of diverse backgrounds and different abilities, and assisting them to reach their full potential and enabling them with their employment journey.


 Emma Meyers – Administration & Employment Consultant 


Emma joined Career Moves in January 2024 and has a background in psychology & education. Emma is currently completing her level 5 health and wellbeing diploma in supported employment with Career Moves as she also works alongside our clients. Something you may not know about Emma is that she is an award winning ceramic artist in her free time!

Emma is a vital part of our service and client support team.




 Donna Ritchie – Employment Consultant

Donna joined Career Moves in June 2022. She has worked as a nurse since the age of 17. Donna is passionate about helping people to reach their potential in their daily lives.

Her silent disability, which she received at a very young age, has not hindered her in her work and has made her more driven to ensure others can also reach for their dream job.

Outside Career Moves she does a variety of Community Work when she can and in 2020 was a recipient of the Kiwibank Local Hero New Zealander of the Year for being an Ambassador for Burn Survivors

Toni Taylor – Employment Consultant

Toni joined Career Moves mid 2022 to specifically focus on Tauranga.

She has a background as a community Kaiawhina for disabilities in New Zealand and England for over 10 years. She believes in treating everyone with kindness, patience and respect.

In her spare time she rides motorbikes, plays the violin and volunteers in her Tauranga community.

Mandy Scott – Employment Consultant 
Mandy joined Career Moves in March 2023 to work in the Schools Program, She went from looking for a job through our organization to working for us fulltime!
Mandy has Cerebral Palsy so she has a lived understanding for people with barriers,  she also has worked with a wide range of disabilities and loves her job. Her mission is in this organization is to show people that being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what you want and you can have success like everybody else.