How our Transition programme can benefit you and your family/Whanau

  • A clear understanding of what support is available in the community
  • A planned pathway from school to whatever is next
  • Brokerage to community based support services
  • Course work and experience opportunities as appropriate to your transition plan
  • The knowledge and understanding to be able to make informed choices about your future


What is transition:

Working with a dedicated consultant we will help you explore and understand what is available to you when you leave school, this can include;

  • Further education & training
  • Living and flatting arrangements
  • Help in getting your first job
  • Support in accessing other community services


How we work with you:

The transition programme is a planned process that helps you work toward your future goals. Its flexible and built around you.

Together with your consultant, family/whanau and other support agencies, we will make a plan designed around your personal and career goals.

Your transition consultant is also available to attend and offer support in meetings with support agencies, employers and other support providers

Our objective is to ensure a smooth transition into the next step of your future.


You are eligible if:

  • You are funded by the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)
  • You are in the last year of school or tertiary education
  • Aged between 16 and 21
  • If you do not qualify for (ORS) funding we offer a range of services which are available to be purchased directly from us.
  • We also provide supported employment if you are not ORS funded

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